The Dyslexic Artist

"Words are very unnecessary, so i paint" - Behram Agha

Behram Agha

Behram Agha, also known as “The Dyslexic Artist”, has painted it all. With an astonishing range of styles from simple study sketches to sculptures, detailed realism and abstract installation. His love of art has taken him to many paths and fulfilled his artistic persona.

He always liked Leonardo da Vinci, his legacy of fearless creations, borderless shapes and variety of styles.

Behram Agha specializes in oil on canvas, acrylic and digital painting with applications such as ProCreate and PhotoShop. 

Behram Agha is a self taught artist with 17 years of art experience and is now living in Boston, MA.

Behram Agha has an immense love for the outdoors, he enjoys nature in all its beauty, all colors of life and its essence of creation.

Behram Agha is fascinated with all art mediums, from Studio Ghibli in Japan to Salvador Dali. This eclectic taste of multiple mediums results in an interesting art book collection covering stories and facts from all over the world. He grew up in Pakistan and has high family values.

His positive and outgoing personality makes him extremely social and he is always interested to hear the stories of close-ones and strangers alike.

He is very close to family and friends, loyal and always willing to help by means of both donations and charity work.

Dyslexic realism


Elizabeth Cruz

Kristina Roman

Digital Mediums

Digital Mediums

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illsustator


Autumn Sugar Skull

Rainy Street

Harley Quinn

Acrylic paintings


Premium Acrylic Colors

Winsor Newton

Mona Lisa

Spontaneous Realism

Marilyn Monroe

Spontaneous Realism

Albert Einstein

Spontaneous Realism

Oil on Canvas

Oil on Canvas

Oils, mediums, solvents and varnishes

Winsor Newton

My Pet Dragon


inspired by Thosmas Kindkade Studios